Industry Buddies is a community driven project aiming to connect students and industry professionals in the south west of England's digital tech sector.

We think networking and mentoring are two great things, that's why we are trying to make the process quicker, more efficient and more accessible!


Here at Industry Buddies we take a few parameters from mentors and mentees, run them through our algorithm and find a match.

  • We will then notify you when you have a match and include details of who your match is.
  • We currently allow 1 mentor per mentee and allow mentors to mentor up to 3 students.
  • We take privacy and your data very seriously and we try to keep data we collect and give out to an absolute minimum. you can view our privacy policy here.
  • To ensure our users are who they say they are and because of our current constraints, we only accept students with valid University of Plymouth emails



• Gain valuable real-world industry knowledge from successful experts

• Excellent networking potential

• Gain a local industry professional who can help guide you in the right direction

• Helps get your name out there!

• Help strengthen the south west digital tech scene

• Practice and develop your "soft skills"

• It's free, simple and you can take it at whatever pace you like.

• A 21st century approach to networking


• Develop your mentoring skills

• Help build contacts for yourself and your company

• Helping people has been proven to increase your overall quality of life

• Be a positive role model

• Increase you and your companies reach

• Develop student's interest in your field

• It's free, simple and you can take it at whatever pace you like.

• Strengthen the south west tech community by simply talking and making conversation


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